Outdoor Drone shoot: Sunspot at Bratfest, Madison, WI

I always say I jump at the opportunity to combine my love of camera work with my love of music.  This past Memorial Day I had the pleasure of flying my DJI Phantom over the 33rd Annual Music-fueled Brat Fest charity event.  It’s a free weekend music festival showcasing upwards of 100 acts while concession proceeds are raised for local charities.

In addition to supporting a great cause and hearing some great tunes, I also put the drone to the test as I few her in the rain.  When it went up there was a light drizzle, but then it became harder.  I decided to try to just make it to the end of the song you can see in the video below before safely grounding it for the rest of the set.  By the end of the song, it was a steady, real rain.

To my surprise and delight, there was ZERO issues with flying in the rain, however, I wouldn’t want to push it more than this (in terms of a full downpour or staying up longer).  Especially at a public event, safety first!

In fact, you’ll notice that a raindrop on the lens created a pretty nice light flair with the yellow stage lights.

Thanks so much to Sunspot and Brat Fest creator Tim Metcalfe for making this shoot happen!

Now enjoy a song from Sunspot, a great band you’ll have to immediately add to your Pandora/Spotify playlists:


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